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Why buy your new e-bike from Cycle Tech Eastbourne?

Tuesday 3 March 2020 Filed in: General

If you're planning to buy a new e-bike in 2020 there are many things to consider. Obviously you want the right bike, in the right size and at the best possible price. But you'll also want to know how to look after it, and how to get it fixed if it breaks or doesn't perform as you expect it to.

At Cycle Tech Eastbourne we will take the time to understand what you need from your e-bike. We'll listen to your questions, and ask you some of our own. You'll probably want to know about the potential range of the bike, and we'll discuss what factors can affect this, and how you can maximise it. Often the figures indicated in adverts are optimistic, if you read the small print it usually says these are 'maximums', and unless the climate, bike set up, and your personal fitness are peak you are unlikely to get close to them.

We think it's important to consider the power of the motor. Legally the motor can only assist you to 15 mph, and must be pedal assist, so no throttles are allowed. Most offer a 'walk assist' feature, but this cuts out at 4mph, so isn't really a throttle. The figure that provides the best indication of a motors 'usability' is the torque figure, usually indicated in Nm2. The more torque available, the better the bike is able to maintain speed. So a 15 stone rider on a 50Nm2 bike will climb a hill easier than he would on a 20Nm2 bike. In fact he may be unable to maintain sufficient speed to steer the bike on the less powerful bike, meaning that he has to get off and push. The top motors supplied by us, from Bosch and Shimano, are rated at 70-75Nm2 of torque, so offer good assistance in most normal situations.

Another consideration is weight. E-bikes are heavier than their un-assisted relatives, the motor and battery are weighty components, but the weight of the bike is less important when a motor is helping to get rolling, or to assist on a climb. Weight is an issue though, if you want to hang your bike on a cycle rack, lift it into your car, or carry it upstairs to your flat.

It's easy to ignore the issue of faults, but we would advise that you give consideration to repairs and servicing. It's not safe to assume that parts will be available for every e-bike that's on sale, and it's certainly not safe to assume that any bike mechanic can repair any e-bike. How will the seller support you, if you do have problems? The gearing and brakes are generally standard bicycle parts, but the motor, battery, cabling and controllers are specific to the brand. At Cycle Tech Eastbourne we specialise in Bosch and Shimano powered bikes. Both brands are very reliable, but are also backed by very good service support if things do go wrong.

Another aspect of servicing is how you will get your bike to the shop. We offer service packages with all our e-bikes, which include collecting the bike from you, and returning it to you (within our local area). All e-bikes up to £2,000 include 1 years free servicing (not including parts) including 2 free collect and returns. For bikes over £2,000 the free servicing extends to 2 years (not including parts), and includes 4 free collect and returns. We are happy to discuss extending these service packages, so please ask.

Punctures are the bane of any cyclists life. To reduce the risk of your ride being spoilt all of our e-bikes include Free Tannus Armour inserts (where available). The Tannus Armour insert (RRP: £29.99 per tyre) adds a significant amount of puncture resistance to any tyre, along with improved grip and comfort. We fit these inserts during the preparation of your new bike.

Our website shows which bikes are in the shop, but also indicates what's at our suppliers, and an estimate of how long it will take for us to have it delivered, and prepare it for use. Please call us (01323 660150) with any enquiries. We are a small local business built on service, and we genuinely appreciate the opportunity to help with your purchase.


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